What you should do during and after an accident to pave the way for filing a personal injury claim?

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Vehicle accidents can be very unsettling and often have devastating effects on the affected persons depending on the intensity. You might become disoriented at the sudden shock and just unable to think about what would be the most appropriate action to put back things on the track. Although it takes some time to get back on your feet, soon after, you must take stock of the situation to evaluate the damages and work out a plan about what you must do to ensure that you can file a claim for personal injury.

In this article, we will help you to understand what you must do at the scene of the accident and after that.

Care for the injured

Saving lives is most important, and you must act fast to arrange for medical help and assistance for those injured in the accident. Try not to move them and keep them warm while providing some first aid and keep a watch on their condition to decide about the next course of action. Call for an ambulance for anyone with serious injuries that might require immediate hospitalization.

Call the police

Unless the accident is too minor that does not necessitate filing a personal injury claim, you must call the police at the earliest, especially if there are injuries, and the damages are substantial. The police will record the incident and provide a report, which is a vital document for personal injury claim settlement. Share all information about the incident with the police and ask for the incident number allotted to your case.

Gather more information

Obtain all personal information of the driver involved in the accident like his name, address, phone number, date of birth, license number, insurance validity date, and name of the insurance company. Collect details of all the vehicles involved in the accident like license plate numbers, vehicle models, and year of make.

Note down the details of passengers and witnesses to the accident. Request them to speak to the police to record their version of the incident. If they are unable to stay back to talk to the police, gather all information from them about what they saw and write it down for future reference.

Talk to the witnesses about their willingness to join the investigation. If there is anyone who saw the accident but moved on without waiting, you must try to collect the license plate details of that vehicle.

What to do when you return home

 After coming back to your home, call your family physician for your injuries.  To understand your rights, obligations, and options regarding personal injury claim contact with the best injury law firm in Halifax Nova Scotia and fix an appointment for a free consultation.  Contact your insurance company and ask them to send you the accident benefits forms and submit it to them at the soonest. 

Once you fix a lawyer, he or she will take care of everything and guide you through the process of filing a personal injury claim by complying with all legal requirements, including meeting the timelines for filing.

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