Planning On Getting A Garden Cabin? Things You Need To Know

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Do you want to get a garden cabin? Great idea, it will look outstanding in your place. Garden cabins are small and open structures that provide shelter in a garden.

You could use it as anything you want. Be it a serene office space or practical storage room; the place is suitable for all. The blend of greenery in gardens with aesthetic log cabins will make your home look even more appealing.

Now, before you get a garden cabin yourself, there are things you need to know. Take a glimpse in this read for more ideas.

#1 Select the Right Professionals

Presently, we all know how beautiful gardens can benefit from cabins. However, an important aspect to consider when building garden rooms is the company you have chosen.

Remember, you are investing in a structure that enhances the aura of your place and increases the property value. So, it’s best to go for someone who has expertise in cabin construction.

Make sure that every entity used by them is top-notch in quality. Also, the cabin should be sturdy and intact for better living.

If you have any idea in mind, verify whether they could deliver the same or not. You should select a company that fulfills your desires and provides promising outcomes.

#2 Choose the Appropriate Material

A garden cabin should be long-lasting and well-built. That’s why we suggest you to choose a material that matches both these factors. And that’s none other than woods.

Woods are versatile materials that are naturally produced. They are eco-friendly, renewable, and also sustainable in nature.

Cabins that are made from wood look appealing in a garden. It renders that touch of nature to the whole place. Also, woods are pretty durable and recyclable.

Any extras left during the construction could be used for making wooden products, decoratives, or even small furniture. We recommend using oak wood for cabin construction as it’s suitable for the same.

#3 Cost and Other Rules

We all want the best at a limited price. Thus, you should also opt for a company that renders the desired result within a limited cost. Also, they should follow all the rules and regulations when building the structure.

 For example, there are rules where garden rooms should be single-storey with a height of 2.5 meters (maximum). The overall maximum height should be around 4 meters with a dual-pitched roof. Also, a garden room that is within 2 meters distance of the property requires the building to be approximately 2.5 meters in height.

Keep note that garden rooms do not need any permission or planning. As they are called outbuildings, you could get it constructed. However, it’s crucial to follow specific rules, like the ones stated above. Make sure the company is familiar with all the regulations precisely.


These were the things you needed to know when getting a garden cabin. Apart from being attractive in appearance, it’s also eco-friendly and sustainable. In short, you will be living in an environment-friendly atmosphere.

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