3 Ways to Make An Outstanding Resume (That Stands Out!)

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When it comes to applying for jobs, it’s extremely nerve-racking. There’s a lot of pressure and it can be difficult to approach and ensure that you’ve done everything you need to. It’s okay though, breath deeply; we have a few tips that you can remember that will make sure no matter what you write about on your resume and cover letter, you’ll speak to the person hiring and make sure you stand out!

Address the Position

When you’re writing your resume, it’s important to make sure that it actually addresses the position you’re applying for. Despite your wide range of skills and experience, they won’t help you if they don’t actually apply to the position you’re applying for. Instead, you’ll want to speak directly to the position you’re applying for and what that role will require.

First, go over the responsibilities and qualifications that are listed on the job application. This is the best way to find out what exactly the employer is looking for in the candidate they choose. Go over the things that are important for the job and make sure you highlight your related experience and skills on your resume and cover letter. This will show the employer that you’ve thought of the position, what will be required of you, and have considered how you can fit in this role.

Know the Company

It’s important to know the company you’re applying for too. You’ll likely want to know anyway if you’re interested in working there, but it’s important to make researching the company part of your preparation before writing your resume and cover letter.

Understand what it is they do, what they stand for, and what motivates them. Research the services they offer and make sure you also consider things like their mission statement. These are all indications of what the company strives to do and values, and will give you great insight into what will be expected of you. More than that, it gives you an idea of what they are looking to do.

Consider how the position fits within the overall company and what that position will entail given what the company does. This will allow you to not only consider the position and the company, but how the position fits within the company. This can help you determine what the role will require of you and ways you could improve the business in that role. By focusing on this and giving concrete examples of how you would fit and improve the company and role, you’ll make sure to stand out and grab the attention of the people hiring.

Include a Background Check

While you usually won’t need a background check until you’ve already been given an interview (and maybe even been chosen for the position), having one done early can help save you time and get you picked over other people. First, it shows that you have no criminal background history and that you are fit to work in the role.

More than that, having one ready for your employer when you apply will show them that your prepared and that you pay attention to details. For certain job types, this may be more applicable than others. For example, anything with child care will likely require a background check. You may as well get ahead early and try to impress the employer by having one done. To get one done, trust a professional team. I’ve used www.smordinlaw.com because they are so close to me and always provide reliable support!

By following these three simple steps, you should make sure that you get noticed more effectively and that your resume and cover letter stand out and impress the person hiring. With these basics, you should be able to be noticed in the crowd!

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