3 Ways to Make An Outstanding Resume (That Stands Out!)

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When it comes to applying for jobs, it’s extremely nerve-racking. There’s a lot of pressure and it can be difficult to approach and ensure that you’ve done everything you need to. It’s okay though, breath deeply; we have a few tips that you can remember that will make sure no matter what you write about on your resume and cover letter, you’ll speak to the person hiring and make sure you stand out!

Address the Position

When you’re writing your resume, it’s important to make sure that it actually addresses the position you’re applying for. Despite your wide range of skills and experience, they won’t help you if they don’t actually apply to the position you’re applying for. Instead, you’ll want to speak directly to the position you’re applying for and what that role will require.

First, go over the responsibilities and qualifications that are listed on the job application. This is the best way to find out what exactly the employer is looking for in the candidate they choose. Go over the things that are important for the job and make sure you highlight your related experience and skills on your resume and cover letter. This will show the employer that you’ve thought of the position, what will be required of you, and have considered how you can fit in this role.

Know the Company

It’s important to know the company you’re applying for too. You’ll likely want to know anyway if you’re interested in working there, but it’s important to make researching the company part of your preparation before writing your resume and cover letter.

Understand what it is they do, what they stand for, and what motivates them. Research the services they offer and make sure you also consider things like their mission statement. These are all indications of what the company strives to do and values, and will give you great insight into what will be expected of you. More than that, it gives you an idea of what they are looking to do.

Consider how the position fits within the overall company and what that position will entail given what the company does. This will allow you to not only consider the position and the company, but how the position fits within the company. This can help you determine what the role will require of you and ways you could improve the business in that role. By focusing on this and giving concrete examples of how you would fit and improve the company and role, you’ll make sure to stand out and grab the attention of the people hiring.

Include a Background Check

While you usually won’t need a background check until you’ve already been given an interview (and maybe even been chosen for the position), having one done early can help save you time and get you picked over other people. First, it shows that you have no criminal background history and that you are fit to work in the role.

More than that, having one ready for your employer when you apply will show them that your prepared and that you pay attention to details. For certain job types, this may be more applicable than others. For example, anything with child care will likely require a background check. You may as well get ahead early and try to impress the employer by having one done. To get one done, trust a professional team. I’ve used www.smordinlaw.com because they are so close to me and always provide reliable support!

By following these three simple steps, you should make sure that you get noticed more effectively and that your resume and cover letter stand out and impress the person hiring. With these basics, you should be able to be noticed in the crowd!

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Creating a Successful Internet Website for Your Law Firm

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Many businesses are being proactive about establishing a strong presence online. There are many benefits that can come from this form of advertising, such as increased exposure and better connectivity with the clients you’re hoping to target. You can compile all of your information, resources, services, and even the things about you and your company that makes you unique all at one place. Having a website gets your client’s quick access to the answers they may have, and opens up an entirely new road of communication. Setting up an online page for your law business can do nothing but help you out in the long run, and if done properly, you’ll see the results and be grateful you began!

First, let’s take a look at a prime example of a successful website. Give a peek to the cainandherren.com website and familiarize yourself with the different things they have on their website for their clients to see. We’ll break it down into sections for you to help you get a better understanding, too.

  1.       Choosing the URL. You’ll want it to be something easy to remember, relevant to your business, and short. Too long and it could be mistyped and won’t fit nicely on a logo or a business card. Just the name of your business, in full or abbreviated, works very well. Perhaps adding in the location, too.
  2.       Listing your services. Lawyers all have different skills and offer different services. From family law to criminal defense, there are many different legal needs that clients may need. What your firm offers should be listed clearly and quickly so those on your website will know as soon as possible if you’re a firm that can help them. It’s a good idea to add pages that go into detail of your offer within each area of the law.
  3.       Give some history. Usually, matters of the law are pretty personal, so it may help potential clients feel more at ease with going to you for help if you have a section dedicated to talking about the lawyers to the firm, and the history of how the business came to be. Testimonials are always a great benefit, too.
  4.       Contact information. This is one of the most important things to include on your website, if not the most. In the case that those viewing wanting to know more about your services or hire you, they’ll need a way to contact you. Make sure that information is easily accessible and includes all of your communication methods. Address, email, telephone number, and fax machine are all things to put here.
  5.       Add a blog or additional connections. If your business has any other sort of online presence, make sure you include links to these places here. This also goes for any awards or mentions that are substantial.
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3 Areas of Corporate Law that will change with Brexit

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Interestingly, the spectre of Brexit seems further away than ever before, despite the British electorate’s vote to leave the EU in June. This is due to the UK government’s reluctance to trigger Article 50, which itself is a complex piece of legislation that was never designed to be acted upon.

3 Areas of Corporate Law that may change with Brexit

Make no mistake; however, new Prime Minister Theresa May remains committed to triggering Article 50 at some point in the future, a decision that will have a cumulative impact on corporate law and legislation. So, let’s take a look at the seminal areas of commercial law that are most likely to be impacted: –

1. Intellectual Property Law

The UK’s Intellectual Property (IP) law is one of many that have been derived from the EU, so Britain’s departure from the union will impact everything from trade mark registrations to patents and copyright. While national IP rights will remain unaffected by the change, those relating to Pan-European brands and concepts would cease to apply in their existing form in the UK.

Some form of further registration would probably be required, but it would be wise to consult with a market expert such as Withers Worldwide to understand your exact liability.

2. Data Protection

Big data is a huge driver of sales and marketing drives in the modern age, while the secure collation and storage of information is derived primarily from the EU’s 1995 Data Protection Derivative. This would have been subject to a revision had the UK planned on remaining in the EU, with the General Data Protection Regulation taking its place and providing a significant tougher and more restricted regime.

Now that Brexit has occurred, however, it appears as though the two-year transition period for the terms of the exit to be negotiated will coincide with the shift between these two regulations. Going forward, the UK government will need to retain the latest legislation on an interim basis while giving consideration to an adapted, national alternative.

3. Competition Law

Once the UK does finally deign to leave the EU, little will initially change in relation to existing anti-competitive agreements and monopolies. This is because the UK’s current Competition Act of 1998, replicates the EU equivalent, while union rules would still apply to the numerous British companies that activity trade within the single market.

In this respect, the landscape of competition law is likely to remain unchanged within the borders of the UK. We may see dual activity and parallel civil investigations by both the UK’s CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) and the European Commission, however, as under current legislation only one of the entities can review international cartels.

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Complicated made simple – take the headache out of batch printing

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The following is an infographic about batch printing.


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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for your TV Loving Mother in the USA

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Mother’s Day in the USA is around the corner, and it is time to think of what to get that mother of yours. If you know she is obsessed with TV, we have the ultimate gift suggestion for you. No, it’s not a huge TV that will take up half of her living room. No, don’t buy her a brand new sofa or even a recliner. We are talking about bringing her TV fantasy to life. Making the digital turn into the tangible.

Get your mother a gift from the Groupon coupons page for the Disney Store and she’ll be able to appreciate it whether she’s got a remote in her hand or not. If you know your mother well, you probably know her favorite characters by now. It should be a fairly easy gift to pick out, knowing which movies she is a fan of or what kinds of toys she likes.

Considering you are now able to score on items 60% off, it is definitely the right time to look into a Disney Store gift item. What better time than now? Actually, later is just as good, or maybe even better! You’ll still qualify for the free shipping, but as Groupon updates its Coupons regularly, you may find that there are other deals that appeal to you even more than the ones on offer right now. For that matter, bookmark the coupons page and check back regularly.

Of course, with Mother’s Day coming up so soon, you will want to order something soon to make sure you get everything taken care of in time for the big day. Nothing says, “I forgot you Mom,” like giving a late gift, so be sure you get your gift ahead of Mother’s Day and have it on hand ready to present.

Whether your mother is a Lion King fan or an old school Micky and Minnie fan, you will certainly find plenty of great items for sale through the Disney Store. This year, wow your mom with a personal gift mailed straight to her from her favorite fantasy makers.

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‘The Law of Legal Services’ by John Gould of Russell-Cooke solicitors

Brought to you by our friends at Russell-Cooke solicitors

The Law of Legal Services is an authoritative yet accessible work that looks at the issues and complexities of the current legal system. It provides insight into many of the questions that crop up in modern practice and will help lawyers mitigate the growing number of risks they face in their profession.

Written by leading regulatory expert John Gould, Senior Partner of London firm Russell-Cooke, the work covers areas such as regulation, lawyers’ legal duties and the ‘business of law’. With a focus on issues such as misconduct and tribunals, obligations to clients, negligence and indemnity insurance, The Law of Legal Services delivers authoritative legal analysis as well as practical guidance for practitioners.

This is an essential work for all lawyers, whatever their specialisation. In his preface, Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, describes it as containing “all that a professional lawyer needs to know and much of which it may not have occurred to him or her to ask” highlighting that “the function of lawyers is to deal with legal issues, and they therefore have nowhere much to hide if they fail to know of or observe their own regulatory rules.” 

Available from Amazon.

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