Must Have Traits of A Good Lawyer

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When you’re dealing with a personal injury or accident in the USA, you’re often forced to find legal representation. For better or for worse, most of us have never had to hire an attorney, much less a personal injury lawyer. What makes someone a good lawyer? What are the must have traits for a good lawyer?


You may find people recommending attorneys based on their compassion and empathy. However, that doesn’t help you if they don’t respond to your requests for information or advice. For example, building rapport on the first meeting doesn’t matter if you can’t reach them afterward. Responsiveness is essential. Do they make appointments as soon as possible, or do they make you wait? Do they respond to phone calls and emails as quickly as they can instead of leaving you in limbo for several days?

A good way to gauge attorneys in this area is to read customer reviews. Take the time to read the negative reviews. Do people complain that they spent days waiting for returned calls or weeks to get paperwork back?


You can’t afford for your case to be handled by someone unfamiliar with personal injury law. Furthermore, there are several niches in personal injury law that is best handled by someone with experience in that area. Medical malpractice and trucking accident cases are two such examples. Failing to get the necessary documentation lined up or not finding the right expert witnesses can put your case in jeopardy. Someone who regularly personal injury cases may know how to total up the damages associated with a car wreck or traumatic brain injury incurred to date but not how to properly predict future associated costs. Work with experts like the experienced team at Baumgartner law firm.

One way to gauge their expertise is to learn about the certifications and specializations they have. Another is to ask about the percentage of cases they win. If they have roughly 50-50 odds, you should look for someone who wins most cases that they take. You should also ask how much they settle cases like yours for. You don’t want to work with an attorney who often settles for less just to get a payday and say they won the case.

We’d rate expertise as more important than experience. However, someone straight out of school lacks the expertise to handle your case because their knowledge is theoretical. If you’re talking to a senior attorney in the initial consultation, ask who will actually be doing the work. Don’t let yourself be impressed by a senior attorney who passes you off to someone who hardly knows what they are doing.

Effective Communication

Suppose you have an attorney who is responsive. This doesn’t mean they’re good communicators. Too many lawyers try to project an image of competence and end up looking elitist. They hide behind legal jargon and complexity in an effort to impress you. In reality, they may or may not be competent. However, you need someone who is an effective communicator. It isn’t enough that they can argue your case in front of a judge or file the right paperwork with an insurance company. Can they effectively communicate with you?

You can gauge this at your first meeting. Can they explain how they’ll handle your case? Can they explain in terms you understand what your case is worth and what is expected of you? If they tell you to simply sit back and do what you’re told, find someone else.

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Driver’s Checklist: What You Should Do If You Get Pulled Over By The Police

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Picture this: you’re on the road, and you may have a lot of things going on inside your head. Or you’re in a hurry because you’re running late for an event or meeting. Maybe, you’re just thinking of a lot of things, when you suddenly get pulled over by the police. What do you do, then?                        

If you do get pulled over by the police in the USA, you need to know how to handle this kind of situation properly. You have to bear in mind that everything you say and how you act towards the police officer may drastically affect your future.                                  

So, if you ever experience being pulled over by the police, here are the things you should do:

Acknowledge the police officer

When you see a police officer signaling you to pull over, the first thing you should do is to keep calm. Turn on your lane signals and safely pull over to the side. Quickly pulling over doesn’t mean you are already admitting that you did something wrong, it just means that you respect and straightaway acknowledge the authority of the officer.

Remain in your vehicle, unless you are told otherwise

After making a stop, make sure that you stay in the car unless you are told to do otherwise. Once you get out of your vehicle after pulling over, you are giving the officer the impression that you’re uncooperative, or you’re hiding something in your car. Instead of leaving your vehicle, just turn off your engine, roll down your windows, place both hands on the wheel. If you get pulled over at night, turn on your dome lights so the police officer can see you easily. Do not reach for your driver’s license or anything yet until you are requested to do so. It might imply that you are getting a weapon and cause the police officer to be alarmed.   

Good read: Police Traffic Stops: The Do’s, Don’ts and Musts

Amicably converse

Being nervous or panicking while talking will not give a good impression to the police officer. Make sure that you are relaxed and talk to the officer nicely. Show respect and answer all the questions and information requested of you, unless you feel the problem is unnecessary. Do not interrupt when the officer is talking. Some lawyers state that there are police officers who only base their decision to charge you on your actions. Rude behavior will most likely merit a violation. Keep your answers short and precise.

You have the right to refuse

If the police officer requests to search your car, you have the right to refuse, especially if you are just being given a traffic violation. But if the officer has foreseen a reason to search like smelling or seeing something off, the officer can request to do so. Remember, refuse politely and do not get tense or anxious. 

Refrain from Arguing

If you feel that you have been wrongfully charged, don’t argue or get angry at the police officer as it might backfire to you even if you didn’t do anything wrong. Accept the ticket and bring it to the court for your legal concerns. And if you are wrongfully charged with severe cases such as driving with the influence of alcohol, you may get help from best tampa lawyer Dennis Hernandez to help you get through with the situation.              


Dennis started practicing law at just 23 years old. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Duke University and continued to earn law degrees from Florida State University College of Law and Harvard Law School. Blessed with multiple associations, memberships and awards, Dennis graduated from the Trial Lawyers College. Mr. Hernandez is one of only 1,378 attorneys who claim this distinction. In 1996, he founded firm Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A., which concentrates in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice and product liability. Dennis is admitted to practice law in all State of Florida courts, The Supreme Court of the United States, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh District, U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

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What you should do during and after an accident to pave the way for filing a personal injury claim?

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Vehicle accidents can be very unsettling and often have devastating effects on the affected persons depending on the intensity. You might become disoriented at the sudden shock and just unable to think about what would be the most appropriate action to put back things on the track. Although it takes some time to get back on your feet, soon after, you must take stock of the situation to evaluate the damages and work out a plan about what you must do to ensure that you can file a claim for personal injury.

In this article, we will help you to understand what you must do at the scene of the accident and after that.

Care for the injured

Saving lives is most important, and you must act fast to arrange for medical help and assistance for those injured in the accident. Try not to move them and keep them warm while providing some first aid and keep a watch on their condition to decide about the next course of action. Call for an ambulance for anyone with serious injuries that might require immediate hospitalization.

Call the police

Unless the accident is too minor that does not necessitate filing a personal injury claim, you must call the police at the earliest, especially if there are injuries, and the damages are substantial. The police will record the incident and provide a report, which is a vital document for personal injury claim settlement. Share all information about the incident with the police and ask for the incident number allotted to your case.

Gather more information

Obtain all personal information of the driver involved in the accident like his name, address, phone number, date of birth, license number, insurance validity date, and name of the insurance company. Collect details of all the vehicles involved in the accident like license plate numbers, vehicle models, and year of make.

Note down the details of passengers and witnesses to the accident. Request them to speak to the police to record their version of the incident. If they are unable to stay back to talk to the police, gather all information from them about what they saw and write it down for future reference.

Talk to the witnesses about their willingness to join the investigation. If there is anyone who saw the accident but moved on without waiting, you must try to collect the license plate details of that vehicle.

What to do when you return home

 After coming back to your home, call your family physician for your injuries.  To understand your rights, obligations, and options regarding personal injury claim contact with the best injury law firm in Halifax Nova Scotia and fix an appointment for a free consultation.  Contact your insurance company and ask them to send you the accident benefits forms and submit it to them at the soonest. 

Once you fix a lawyer, he or she will take care of everything and guide you through the process of filing a personal injury claim by complying with all legal requirements, including meeting the timelines for filing.

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How does a personal injury lawyer manage a car accident case?

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Law and order have multiple facets that a layperson is not aware of. Apart from advocates and public prosecutors, there are also personal injury attorneys. These lawyers are known as civil litigators who represent their clients. Generally, they are also known as plaintiffs, who allege psychological and physical injuries that are the result of another person’s negligence, cruelty, or irresponsibility. The harm can impact a person, company, agency, or a government agency as well.

Understanding a personal attorney profile

A personal injury lawyer in the USA manages private or civic injuries or other wrongdoings. They also look into non-monetary and monetary damages. Additionally, they take care of legal cases related to defamation or a breach of contract to a person’s property, reputation, or rights or reputation. These attorneys can practice most facets of the law. However, they usually manage legal cases that come under tort law. It refers to accidents that get caused because of slips, falls, work injuries, inferior quality products, road accidents, and many more. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Los Angeles personal injury attorney Gilbert A. Moret.

Usually, most personal injury attorneys help clients to attain the deserved compensation for their losses, which had occurred. The casualties include the incapability to carry on with their daily course of life, a temporary halt in their earning ability, or any long-lasting pain or suffering. It further adds in expenses that can get added for emotional distress, loss of companionship, attorney charges as well as legal costs.

The way a personal injury lawyer remedies a car accident

Personal injury attorneys are capable of assisting multiple clients in tackling their losses emerging out of a car accident. Car accidents occur daily, and it is one of the most common legal cases that these lawyers take up. First, the personal injury lawyer speaks with the client and length to know the details about the accident. The lawyer also demonstrates the process of claims to their clients. And after that, the lawyer needs to get a couple of things done. They are:

  • Obtain the liability and damage proof to help in the client claim process
  • Analyze the client’s vehicle insurance policy and check the coverage which can get used for paying the lost income, medical expenses, and other costs
  • Work with the client’s health insurance policy on the claim notice

Once all these get done, the lawyer will commence the initial round of car accident investigations to address the client’s claims. And this process might include communicating with the witnesses on the scene, gathering physical evidence as well as photographing the accident crime scene is as many details as possible to assess the more delicate nuances which otherwise might go missing. The lawyer shares all his relevant finding at the court, where he tries his best to get the compensation and justice for his client.

However, all this is possible when you join hands with an expert personal injury lawyer. You can connect with one online today. Before you decide on your lawyer, make sure you have asked the queries you have to make the correct choice.

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Criminal Defense – An overview of burglary and the laws around it

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Every US state has specific legal implications around burglary, whether it involves an attempt to burglary, or invading a home; and, Texas is no exception. The severity of punishment can depend on the nature of circumstances, and the crime reported.

If you live in Texas, you must know that entering or staying in a public or private property unlawfully and stealing, assaulting or committing a felony therein becomes a case of burglary. Whether someone occupies a structure or vehicle overnight with a group of people or alone can risk the charges of theft against him.

Burglary of a building/ habitation – The two elements and punishment

If you observe, you will realize that the definition of burglary includes two components –

1) Illegal entry, and

2) The motive of theft, assault, and felony.

To prove you are guilty of a crime, the person has to show evidence that covers both the elements against you. If the charges don’t hold, the prosecutor can charge you with trespass or any other criminal offense but not burglary.

Anyway, if the person can prove you entered the premise with the intent to commit a crime without even any crime scene happening, you can still face conviction. Hence, be wary.

Going inside the building or structure

There are two ways of unlawfully entering a building:

1) You get inside the property without permission, and

2) You stay on the property beyond permitted hours.

For example, you go to a shop during operational hours, but don’t leave the place after it shuts down for the public to steal items.

The motive of theft, assault, and robbery

The second component of burglary refers to the mental state of the person with which he breaks into a building. He should enter the structure with the clear intent of committing a crime. 

As far as punishment goes, circumstances play a critical role in the conviction. The person can face jail if he enters an uninhabited property to assault, to steal, or to rob. The person can be subject to a second-degree felony if he gets inside a habitation without permission with the intent of committing a crime, such as theft, assault, etc. 

Burglary of a motor vehicle

Burgling a vehicle is a class A misdemeanor crime. Entering a car that is not available for habitation to commit a felony or theft can amount to the case of burglary. Using a body part or any other item to steal from the car satisfies both the elements of entry and the motive of the crime. The definition of burglary of a vehicle can change if it provides overnight accommodation, though.

Since almost every case of burglary involves two elements, you must note that the intent part is most crucial. If proven, you can face conviction. Having burglary charges against you can cause loss of employment, difficulty in finding an apartment, damage to the credibility, and more. If you are not a US citizen, your chances of naturalized citizenship can also get ruined. To make sure you don’t suffer such fate, consider taking Criminaldefense help.

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Injured on holiday? Here’s what you should do now

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The idea of getting injured on holiday is literally the stuff of nightmares. One minute you’re enjoying a well earned break and the next you’re in incredible pain and seeking medical attention. From food poisoning to dental emergencies, trips and falls in the hotel lobby, to broken bones in the hotel swimming pool. There are hundreds of ways you could fall ill or get injured on holiday. Whilst at home you might know exactly what to do and who to contact if you have a slip and fall claim – check out this Toronto slip and fall lawyer if you’re looking for legal representation – when you’re thousands of miles from home, it might be difficult to know where to turn.

Read on for what you should do if you become injured on holiday.

Seek medical help

It sounds obvious but you’ll be surprised how many people grit their teeth and try to continue with their holiday despite being in pain. Once you’ve sustained an injury you need to seek medical help as soon as possible. If you don’t, even the most minor of injuries have the potential to worsen over time, or without initial treatment effect you for the rest of your life. Your travel medical insurance should cover you, so you have access to the best medical help available.

Record the details

When making a claim, you’re going to need as much information as possible. This will ensure that your claim is as strong as possible. So, in the immediate aftermath of your accident, you need to record as many details as possible, so you have an accurate account of what occurred. The date, time, location, how you fell, what you were eating etc. Take photographs of your injuries and where the incident took place. If there were any witnesses to your accident then try to get their details too. Obtain a Drs report from whomever treats you in hospital as this will be an accurate representation of your injuries and will help your case.

Inform the relevant people

If you sustained an injury in your hotel for example, then you’ll need to inform the staff immediately. If the matter is more serious then you could even involve the local police.

Talk to your attorney

Any kind of personal injury – especially on holiday – can be devastating. So, it’s important that you speak to an attorney that specialises in personal injury claims. Even if you’re unsure if you want to make a claim, a knowledgeable and experienced law professional will be able to offer advice and guidance as to the likelihood of a successful claim, which could sway your decision to pursue the case. If you’re hoping for a positive outcome in your favour, then it’s important not to delay starting your claim. Gathering evidence is essential for building your case so doing this as soon as possible is a crucial step in getting the result you want.

If you want more information about claiming after an accident on holiday, then speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

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